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How do they deal with law enforcement down there?

Are there jails / police of any sort? Thanks for the AMA :)

[edit: Are there ANY laws in Antarctica? I know there are territories]

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Yes. Chronic sleep apnoea here, or rather I used to have it. I once had a dream that I was swimming through my house, the air felt thick like water, and my chest was getting heavier and heavier. I started swimming up, to try and get air, but my arms and legs wouldn't move very much so I started thrashing them, and it worked, sort of. Then I decided breathing was too hard, and I didn't need to do it anymore, so I stopped and just kinda floated. I felt really good and relaxed, but I had this nagging anxious feeling in the back of my head, and my jaw was starting to hurt.

I remember the shimmering surface getting closer and closer and suddenly there was this huge rush, and a crazy blinding light, and I woke up to my flatmate pounding on my chest and screaming at me, and his gf dialling 111. Apparently I had been snoring on the couch and just flat out stopped, started going blue/grey etc. Woke up in massive cold sweats. Fuckin freaky

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Pretty sure she was South African, she lived in South Africa, had a monkey cage and spoke Zulu

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Can you taste things? What does it taste like! Do you blend normal food, or do you eat powdered stuff? Thanks for the AMA!