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Hey Tara!

I'm a 17 year old aspiring voice over artist. You're my idol (well, there are so many. Grey Delise, Tom Kenny, etc. but you're my top). Whenever I listen to myself, I hear my own voice just doing different stuff. You have Timmy, Raven, Twilight, Bubbles, Juliet, and a million other roles, and they all sound different! How do you do that? Also, how did you manage to get into the industry at such a young age? I love your work, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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When does Half-Life 3 come out?

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I feel as though I am pretty good, and I practice everyday, but there's one thing I've had trouble with, and that's changing my average voice. Doing accents and old man voices and the such isn't easy, but I've gotten close to getting a hang of it. The problem is changing the tone of my normal speaking voice. Any tips on this? Take for an example, Tara Strong swtiching her voice to Timmy Turner's.

And thanks for doing this AMA, I've aspired to be a voice actor for a long time and I have been trying to get answers out of a professional source.

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How do you make it so that every voice you do it sounds different? Whenever I listen back to my recordings it sounds like me just trying to do different voices. Where do I begin trying to get into voice acting? Do you make a living off of it?

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When does HL3 come out?