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donovanbailey22 karma

Hi Kathy, great investigative reporting recently. Somewhat OT, but I'm wondering your thoughts/experience w/r/t the provincial government's transparency and responsiveness to FOI requests?

It feels like they're holding a lot of cards in terms of material data on the housing crisis, and being very selective in what they trickle out.

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If the housing data collected doesn't fit their political narrative, do you still think they'll release it? Or will the onus remain on persevering investigative journalists to find access.

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Hi Asa! I think you're great! I don't really have a question, but can you shout out my friend Darren?

He's your biggest fan and he's really mad at me for bailing on taking him to see you kill it at DreamGirls in Seattle. He really wanted his book signed and a lapdance.

Keep on rockin in the free world!