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You're kidding. The clear majority of Trump media coverage was negative.

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That's a decent alternative. It's not the education that is worrying though, it is the ability of the government to selectively deny the right to own guns. "You didn't pass the test" or "You are mentally unstable" are up to interpretation, and can be manipulated to hurt certain demographics, such as conspiracy theorists. How many people say Trump is mentally unstable, and vice versa for Hillary? The potential for abuse is very real.

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What is your stance on immigration, specifically illegal immigration? Thanks.

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When you think of yourself not as a global citizen, but rather a citizen of a certain group, it is easy to think in subjective terms. Why does it matter that whites were not indigenous to the region? It is not like at the end of time you will be rewarded for following the rules and not encroaching on other's indigenous land.

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I think that is traditionally what it is supposed to be called and I think a source of pride is probably derived from it.