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Do it!!! I believe in you!!

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So let me get this straight. You're in your mid 20's and you have already lived a full life. You don't want to go on and have a family, or do really anything with your life. You've already accomplished everything you want to do with your life. Your family doesn't care that you'll be gone in a few months because you lived a full life. Your parents are alright with hurrying their child at a young age because he didn't want to have a surgery that could save his life-or atleast extend it considerably. I'm sorry your reasoning doesn't make much sense to me. Survival??? Why wouldn't you want to live past 30? Doesn't sound like a question of survival, your doctors give you a good chance to live, and you don't want to take that chance because??? Guess I'm just confused because so many people would do anything for the chance to extend their lives longer to be with loved ones, and you have that chance to extend your life, but you won't take it?

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Did you ever actually play football or just for the movie? (loved the movie btw)

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So I don't understand how did you find out you have breast cancer? And I don't mean for this to come off mean, but I don't know how to phrase this nicely. Do you have moobs? Also why wouldn't you have a surgery? You're in your mid 20's?? You could have a much longer life with the surgery couldn't you? Why wouldn't you do the surgery? Cuz your doctor said you don't need to? Get a second opinion for fucks sake.