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Hi Delores, I'm a New Orleans resident that often has trouble finding cabs that are willing to take me to certain parts of the 7th ward, Bywater and Mid City from the French Quarter. Many cabs that stop on the street at 2:00am won't let you in until you tell them where you are going. Alternatively, once you get in they refuse to go to the destination you specify.

What are you doing as an organization and what can I do as an individual to make sure I have a good riding experience and make it to my intended destination?

This is not a one time thing, and while a rare occurrence it has happened to me at least 4 times over the past 5 years.

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This is what I do now. It generally works, but I have heard horror stories from others about cab drivers throwing them out on the street.

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Who would win in a race, you or the Natchez?

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That clip is sped up. The pauses are what make his comedy work.

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Sounds like you are offering excuses for cab drivers and shifting the onus of responsibility to me. Good dodge on not answering my question. Let me state it more explicitly, Is there a way to report cab drivers that don't want to do the job they are hired to do, so that they won't be working as cab drivers in the city of New Orleans any more?