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Hi, think you were djing when I saw Dizzee Rascal in London Kentish Town about 15 years ago - my first hip hop gig! How is he doing and what is he like to work with?

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Hi, what are you doing now? was it easy to find similar work?

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to all of you, who's longest in the shower?

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I've always wondered this.. Are you guys ever allowed to drink alcohol?

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Hi Jesse, thanks for taking the time.

Can I ask, the stats and most of the info on this thread, while pertaining to world travel, are mostly US centred. Could you shed a light on international travel, perhaps looking at how you imagine the world flight map to look over the next few years?

eg total number of flights down x percent; flights within europe and how they'll be affected, short term flights mostly. Bare bones super value flights were the way to go with companies like Ryanair and whizz air leading the way - how will these companies survive post covid, if at all?