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Since most people have questions about the backend, I’ll be the dude with a basic question about the UI. Is part of the design roadmap going to include a more compact UI?

At the moment you guys add more padding around each button than Google does and excessive padding is basically their design philosophy.

Since a lot of laptops still use 16:9, and not that many have high res displays, taking at least slightly less vertical space with the search bar + tabs + a fav bar is nice, but at the moment Chromium Edge has a bigger UI than old Edge, Chrome, and Firefox‘s normal density. And shrinking the padding around each button would also keep the Omnibox a bigger target to click even if I have a few extensions next to it.

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Did Interact in high school as well. Our schools was set up poorly because a similar more local club also existed that took the better students, but interacting with other Interact members from the area was a great experience, and definitely recommended for any high schooler reading this.

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If you mean the one button on the bar next to the omnibox, it’s back in the most recent builds but it’s not the same as it was on Edge.

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Right but regular Edge is probably the most touch supportive browser and it’s UI is still smaller than both Chrome and new Edge.