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Tell me, Mr. Cosby, what's the darndest thing you've ever heard a kid say?

And how does it feel to be the second greatest dad in the world? (Sorry, mine comes first)

Edit for the screenshot: shout out to Papa Kidd of the LC. Happy Father's Day. Go Vols. Enjoy the Single Barrel.

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Dodge Durango sales spiked 68% after Burgundy started doing commercials. It's a win-win-win. Will gets a check, Dodge gets sales, we get a funny commercial for once (sandwiched between depressing drug advertisements of course).

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TIL circlejerk is in the vocabulary for seminary students

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Hear that reddit? We're activists!

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Yea this isn't a white or black issue... Deregulating telecommunications? Yay! And up votes!... Allowing sub-prime mortgages to be indiscriminately traded with others on Wall Street? Aannndddd its a recession... with downvotes