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ah thank you man, you have a good way about you!

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I just recently had my gallbladder removed and they told me a few things that I'm not sure I believe:

- it's not hereditary (my entire male lineage on my mums side have all had theirs removed)

- there was little I could do to prevent the accumulation of gall stones (my diet was awful)

- there are no real changes to my life going forward that I should make (surely the bile flowing directly in to my intestines instead of being used up front is an issue)

I'm wondering if you can give me any insight on these. My assumption was that heavily reducing my fat/sugar/processed foods in take would be required going forward. Especially if i'm predisposed to gall stones? My cholesterol levels have generally been low throughout my life so I find it all confusing

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How did you fix the hormone issue?

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Is a fencing sabre (or whatever!) actually viable in a sword fight then? Arya was right all along?

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Are you saying that the probability of a particle appearing is high enough that the most likely explanation of this study is that it is a new type of particle? Further to that, would the new particle then mean there is no new interaction? Trying to understand the relationship between particles and interactions. Would the expectation be that the type of particle comes along with a distinct interaction?