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Canadian here, are the parents of female juniors as bad as those of males?

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Canadian hockey parents can be the worst people on the planet.

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Did you get hassled when you went home? I know someone who went to Afghanistan 15 years ago and he got a visit from the State Department - or similar agency.

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I was at a fair a couple of years ago "red river ex in Winnipeg canada" and it got real crazy. Some dude lost his hat on the crazy mouse Rollercoaster and jumped the security fence to retrieve it. Of course he got hit by one of the cars and was badly injured, and I was there with my two sons when I heard the screaming.

They shut the ride down with several cars at the top of it and the crowd started to get pretty agitated lots of yelling and confusion. People were saying a car fell off the track and also a guy fell out of a car. The frenzy was growing. I took a step back just to watch the crowd as they put up a tarp so no one could see the guy on the ground.

This is where it got real crazy. In the distance there were dark thunder clouds approaching and it started raining. The people in the cars on the ride that were 50 or so feet up started freaking because, hey they are stuck 50 feet in the air on top of a metal structure and there was no indication that they were going to get them down. So some of them started yelling then they tried to get out of their cars and climb along the structure. There was clearly no one taking charge and the workers that were there hadn't a clue what to do.

So here is my question "what kind of training have you undertaken to prepare you for this type of crisis and have you see the terrible mob mentality that can rear it's ugly head when something like this occurs?"

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2 questions:

  1. What's the tone of people in the Crimean peninsula after Russia annexed it. I have heard that the people there welcomed the annexation and are happier now, but I take that kind of news with a grain of salt.

  2. If Putin is ever overthrown, what are the chanced of Robert Kraft getting his Super bowl ring back?

Thanks for doing this.