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Hi Jon, no question here, but my brother and I once ran into you in a McDonalds in NYC, and you couldn't have been cooler.

There was also a family that was there, who asked you to eat with them even though you were clearly looking to be in and out, but you indulged them for a few minutes and sat down with them. Kudos to you for being a good dude.

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for doing this AMA, my wife and friends and I are all huge fans of all your work! We actually life right near Great Valley High School!

Ever since the first time we heard the Anchorman Unrated Commentary, it has become one of the most quoted things among all our friends. My question is, how the hell did you guys get Lou Rawls to participate in the commentary?

P.S. – the Wake Up Ron Burgundy commentary with “Aaron Zimmerman” is incredible.

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I love you. Are you planning any special guests for the Anchorman 2 commentary?

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I saw an article about this a few years ago, the studio takes a higher percentage at the initial release, and their percentage drops the longer the movie is out:

"For instance, 2 movie theatre managers told me that for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the studio took 100% of the box office take for the first week of release. Can you imagine that? They had to over staff and have above normal capacity flood into their theatres… and they got to keep $0.00 from the ticket sales. That almost seems criminal. Now, as you move into the second and third weeks of release, the percentage starts to swing to anywhere from 45% – 55% that the theatre gets to keep. It gets better after the fourth week when theatres generally can keep up to 80% or better of the ticket sales."

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Hi DDK! What's your favorite memory from the filming of LOST?