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You don't say much about why exactly you decided to have surgery. What were your original symptoms, and was the decision to undergo surgery mostly yours, or did a Doctor persuade you?
Thank you for this very interesting AMA.

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May I suggest you contact Johns Hopkins Hospital. I don't want to seem like a shill, but my experience of their Doctors is only of the best.
My involvement with them was for Cardiological problems, but I hear that they can help you as well.
I can't name specific Doctors, but the Hospital will refer you.
Good luck!

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Sorry to hear of your medical problems caused by this 'doctor'.
Are you seeing someone reputable who might be able to help, or are you now just hanging on and using medication to alleviate your symptoms?
I wish you everything of the best, and I hope that you don't become too depressed about this, hard as it may be.

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Like my mother in law makes - you know, weaponized confectionery.

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Also a good choice. I just know JH from personal experience.