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So did you go anywhere in NY besides the city, just out of curiosity?

How did you fund this?

Where would you like to go back and spend more time? Find anywhere you might consider settling down eventually?

I am sure the British accent helped...we love us a good British accent. Makes you seem classy and smart. :-)

You face is not horrible, horrible. It isn't even horrible.

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The weakness of men is the facade of strength; the strength of women is the facade of weakness. p.13 This quote explains why the feminists at that college were so horrible. His work sheds light on this and exposes that women are not by definition victims.

He dared look at incest in a cold, scientific way in order to understand it. He did not condone it in any way.

I have read many of his books and articles, and met him personally about a decade ago and had a long talk with him. He is a kind, thoughtful and gentle human who cares deeply for both genders. Anyone who actually talks to him would see he is not the monster these people paint him. Why Men Earn More and the Myth of Male Power are two good books of his. Read them and decide for yourself.

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Does it bother you that someone could hack into your glasses and then know exactly what you are doing at any moment?

Does it distract you from being present with the people you are around?

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Talk to your boss...tell him or her that what happened was in no way asked for or could be seen as flirting. It was assault and he continued after you made it clear you said no. Most companies understand that the law is clear that this behavioris unacceptable.

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How long were you in the coma for? Did you have trouble readjusting to things that happened/time that passed while you were asleep?

Do you have any physical problems from being inert for so long? (Muscle atrophy and such).

Has this effecting your relationship with your family at all?