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I'll never forget when we were at the Tower of London and a group of tourists were in his group's way, so a beefeater shouted "Make way for the Queen's Guard!"

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what's the protocol for cleaning the nozzles on the frozen yogurt machines I see at local "fill your dish with as much fro-yo as you want and pay for the weight" places? I would hope nightly cleanings are in order, but how much of that machine has to get taken apart?

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When you go out to eat chinese food, what is your favorite dish to order, other than General Tso's Chicken? Any hidden gems, food-wise, people might not think of when ordering off the takeout menu?

And thanks for making this movie. Such an awesome concept. Glad it's on Amazon.

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What percentage of Armenians at the time were living in the area that is now the country of Armenia?

Did Armenian Christianity play a role in the genocide?

Didn't the Ottomans claim that the Armenians were in league with the Russians to overthrow them?

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if KFC is "high end cuisine," does it follow the same recipe and procedures as here in the USA? We don't usually put KFC and "high end cuisine" in the same sentence.