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I think I upvoted you once so am I responsible for your success? And am I entitled to a reward?

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Is there a lot of competition from immigrants for these garbage jobs?

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Career USAID officer here. Agree that it's nearly impossible to identify short-term antiterror results from development projects. But there is widespread agreement that employment, education for men and women, health, effective governance and things that reduce the sense of isolation are all needed to remove the roots of terrorism. I'm really proud of what we have achieved in education and health in Afghanistan, among other things, and there are indications that these things will last and grow. Our best prescriptions are long-term ones. In a sense, our goal is the next generation.

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Do you think we will see an increase in domestic violence from people being locked up with abusive spouses?

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What's the difference between a one manned band and a one-man band?