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If we had a radio telescope on the surface of the Moon, do we currently have the technology and know-how to incorporate that into a super-VLBI?

Bonus: What other kinds of objects will you image with the EHT?

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Please, just fill a book with these anecdotes and put it up on Amazon, they're like crack.

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No scientific organizations made the request that NASA use a manned spaceflight to retrieve asteroid samples as their primary goal. There exists public documentation of planetary science decadal goals and the current top priority is Mars sample return. This has unfortunately been ignored. I must add that there is a rover currently in the works which may or may not be able to contribute to a sample return mission, it is still 7 years away from arriving at Mars and would make up only one part of a 2 or 3 part decade long mission.

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What do you think of this depth interpretation of the CIVA images made by Mattias Malmer?


Any idea how far away the 'furthest' areas are from Philae?

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Did you work personally with NERVA? If so, what do you think could have been accomplished had the program been allowed to develop? Do you think we will ever see another nuclear rocket engine coming from NASA?