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Oh hi Mark 👋🏼

I’m afraid I don’t have a question but I wanted to say thank you so much for the content you put out. It’s genuinely all super interesting, and at any age too. Your videos provide me a really valuable escape from life. Well done on the 10M subs and the stuff you have in the pipeline now, it’s all completely deserved, and I get second hand excitement thinking about what you’re gonna do with these opportunities. Honestly mate, thank you for all the knowledge and for making life a little less drab!

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Thank you so much for replying. All the best, and merry Xmas. :)

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Sorry to piggyback off someone else’s comment I kinda want to keep this hidden lol. I’m 20 and long story short my first time(s) were with someone i shouldn’t have trusted. I’ve built this idea in my mind that any sex I have will always be embarrassing and it’s put me off even going on dates. So I was looking at prostitutes (it’s legal in the uk to get independent escorts, there are sites with loads of professional seeming women) so i can get more comfortable with sex... is there any chance this could backfire? Or, in your experience, do clients like me usually walk out feeling more confident? I don’t have a small dick or any problems like that, just extremely nervous and don’t want to make it worse.