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Hi Molly, thanks for doing this! I have a few questions:

  • Do you and Jon Cryer hang out at all?
  • Your rendition of "Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love" for the Secret Life is interesting in that it sounds a little sarcastic. Was that your intention? Also, did you pick which song would be the Secret Life theme?
  • What is it like working with Steve Schirripa?
  • How has your work as a teen star in the 80s affected your role on Television today?

Also, I should mention that I'm a straight male in my twenties, and I watch Secret Life every week with my lady-friend.

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I'm not whipped, a bunch of my college buddies used to watch it every week and we got hooked. Is there an equivalent of Bronies for male fans of Secret Life?

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So you're literally the company asking creative people to do work for free because it'll "add to their portfolio" that everyone is always complaining about?

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You can't just turn on Communist mode -- you have to make conditions bad enough in the mines and factories that the proletariat rises up and overthrows the ruling class.

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Tonight on FOX, David Blaine sits down and reads The Chicago Manual of Style in its entirety.