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That might sound dickish but is just curiosity... what did you want to do when you were younger, any dream job, career that you had in mind? What are you gonna do now, get an education or just try to get by with the job at the gym?

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Alright, but have you never considered anything that doesn't have to do with sports or fall into the high attention/being famous category of jobs? About something you could still do when you're a little older?

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Well, now that you mention it...

Just realised the same word is still used for the old meaning in Germany;

Unternehmen (Unter= Under nehmen= [to] take)

still just refers to a company,

a businessman or entrepeneur would be "Unternehmer".

The verb "unternehmen" just means "to do something", nothing in particular.

You gotta love some good old-fashioned etomology ;)

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But then how would him opening the game change that in any way?

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your "Ball"?