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After putting my head through a windshield from the outside going in, and waking up with an acute subdural hematoma, torn optic nerve, and near-total amnesia, I know them feels. Traumatic head injuries kind of don't ever go away, even once you can function "fully" again. Just being real with you... you may have ongoing memory challenges. You may have bad headaches for years to come. You may potentially develop seizures over time. If you ever want to talk it through with someone who has been there, you're welcome to message me. Good luck in your journey.

edit: Here's a pic WARNING: freshly sewn up injury / gore?

edit 2: wait, what? 52 downvotes before I posted the picture even. What in the... ? Oh, thanks TehGogglesDoNothing.

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mother of God

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I'm patiently waiting for the global reset in monetary policy where everyone collectively decides that having all these people who can't really afford anything is bad for business. Every adult citizen then gets a "citizen allowance" which is adjusted up or down for local cost of living, but which provides for the median rent, plus food and energy bills. Having kids doesn't get you more money, so the desire to procreate creates an incentive to work, along with the desire for material goods beyond your basic needs. Surely, there must be a way to work the math through a global trade treaty, such that the costs associated with the citizen allowance are negated/not counted/moved from one column to another no one is allowed to track, or whatever. Doing so would eliminate most of the negatives associated with immigration.

The obvious argument against is inflation related, but if global, and always adjusts to local cost of living, it seems like the negative impacts from inflation (if it occurs) would be somewhat mitigated. There has to be way. Money is an imaginary construct. It mostly lives as numbers in a database. If our world's brightest minds designed a path where this could be done, the world's poor could have the minimum funds to cover the minimal food and shelter requirements humans need to live a life with any dignity, so that the space for a vision of a better tomorrow can flower, and the will to go make one can be cultivated.

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Would you be willing to talk a little more about how this works? How can a levy on patents cover all of the associated costs required in offering a basic income? I'm guessing I should just go read your book, but anything you'd willing to share here might help you make another sale.

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When you call, you actually call his office at the FCC, haha. However, they can transfer you on to someone who sends you to a dial by option, where you can choose to file a complaint. They then take down your opinion and let you know that all feedback on this is being gathered and will be reviewed in total.