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When will the art institute students see their debt deleted after the 2008-2012 scam that their admissions reps pulled? The government sued for $6b over predatory admissions tactics, and none of the students saw any relief from the outcome.

This is the biggest scam I've ever seen.

Edit: thanks for the upvotes! We should all try to keep this fight up and get what is owed. How does the government sue a company for fraudulently taking their money through a third party, and then turn around and tell that third party they also still owe them the money too?

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Same here! It's ridiculous how much they were able to get away with: changing the program outlines every year and "restructuring" with a different title, then making you retake the same curriculum under a different name, pretty much doubling their money!

The OP replied to this and deleted it. They just shared a link to file if your school had been closed down while you attended. I replied how the government sued EDMC for $6b and won, but the students didn't see any change in how much we owe the government!

That $6b should have gone directly to the students who attended during the years under the lawsuit to pay off their principle loan debt.

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The school didn't close in 2012. The government was repaid with $6b from EDMC, for receiving government loans under false pretense. But the students still have to pay the government back as well? How does this make any sense?

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Have you ever done your own injection mold, or do you only use premade action figure/dolls and pieces them together?

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What gear did you have on? Did you have sensory functions (touch skin I.e. hands, auditory senses, smell (I guess underwater you can't breath though lol))? How big was the whale, and how much could you move around inside it?