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So instead of shipping in Chinese goods and labeling them Italian they're just shipping in whole Chinese towns to make the clothes in Italy. I'm really not too surprised.

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Some of the shoes definitely are labeled Made in China or Made in Vietnam, usually the cheaper ones like Prada Sport. Most of the mainline more expensive Prada stuff is labeled Made in Italy. I'm also curious if they are lying or using some loophole. I've heard rumors of things like a company making a shirt in China then putting a logo on it in Italy and labeling it Made in Italy. But I've never seen any proof.

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Sounds like they're being honest in this case then. I've heard rumors in the industry of something being made in China then sent to Italy where they add one small detail and then label it Made in Italy. Thanks for the info!

Also, I spent 2 years years teaching English in Bangkok at an international uni and LOVED it. One of my friends is headed off to China to teach english mostly on my recommendation. Sounds like you didn't love it. Oops?

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Some Prada shoes are labeled Made in China but a lot are labeled Made in Italy, usually the most expensive ones. Do you label the country of origin at your factory? Basically I'm curious if Prada is lying about some shoes being made in Italy.