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They shared it November of last year. Vintage 1896.

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Jeers to the USAF Academy cadets that absconded with the original.

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Kept pulling back on the stick, keeping the plane deep in stall, overriding the inputs of the other pilot.

Stall horn? Push the nose down you fool!

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They were using a Mk I Jimmy Doolittle, the first pilot to takeoff, fly, and land on instruments alone. (Or they shot the sun using a Sextant.)

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I've read Doolittle's autobiography I Could Never Be So Lucky Again, and he certainly has much to say about how he was in the right place at the right time.

Do you have any anecdotes about the man that aren't widely known that you'd like to share? How was his flying style at the yoke compared to yours?

Did Jimmy ever elaborate on the development of high octane fuels with Shell? I was a part of the USAF's Alternative Fuels Certification Office, so I'd love to hear some historical perspectives.