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There is footage of Hitler in 1945, before his death, inspecting Hitler youth soldiers. Beyond his hand shaking, he looks pretty normal for a leader of a collapsing state, living in a bunker, surrounded by Russian soldiers. I think he was pretty lucid before his death, actually.

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What was the education in Jungvolk, HJ, etc...about? Did they ever focus so much on race theory and how Germans were the master-race, as is often said today by historians?

Did they push people to have kids very soon with girls, be promiscuous, with the idea of a Germany with high population? (Considering he had many kids, that may have had a part in it)

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He didn't know about lots of things. Like his cooks purposely made his soups & vegetable stews with ANIMAL/MEAT broth/stock, because they were afraid Hitler was neglecting his health with his vegetarianism.