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Thanks for answering!

Re 3: i think it's the probably the hair, I was going through a kurt cobain phase when I got my id pic taken and also the fact I look like 12 in it.

Edit: also your susan comment made me think of this glorious Johnny Cash song: http://tunebang.com/?b=Johnny+Cash+-+A+Boy+Named+Sue

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Thanks for doing this.

I have a few questions.

When asked for ID and I don't have it for whatever reasons, is there any way I can convince you to let me in? (I'm 27, Male, but I still get asked for my ID a fair bit)

How much would the average bouncer put his neck out to stop trouble? I mean I've heard of people in other security jobs (e.g. unarmed police building guards, here in UK) just running away at any real trouble (especially anyone armed)?

Why do you always laught at my ID? :(

OK, Thanks