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Hey Charlie! Michigan native here. Thanks for everything you do.

What's your take on Dan Gilbert's plan to buy up a bunch of Detroit's vacant and condemned property? Do you see it as a service to the city, or something more nefarious, or none of the above?

By the way, I just finished reading "Detroit: An American Autopsy". Moving stuff, man. Thanks for writing it.

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Mr. D2,

I had the honor of seeing you play at a fraternity in Upstate New York last January, at a show that was, to put it nicely, under-promoted. As such, I got to watch you play a set to a nearly empty room.

I was surprised, however, when you put as much effort and energy into that show as any other, playing a fantastic set and rocking the admittedly small house. Major props to you, sir, for doing such a thing.

My question is this: what goes through your mind during a show like that?

And thanks again for doing this!