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Why can't someone just make something like r/quarantinepenpals and subscribe there to be able to do it for free?

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I think it was drew Carey (could be completely wrong) said, when asked if he cares when fans talk to him in public, that acting, being on tv, is a job. High profile, but still a job. He said that if you want to talk to him at least then you should treat acting like it's just a job and he's a guy that does it. He said something about (paraphrasing) "if I was your plumber and you saw me at the bar by myself then sure, come up and shoot the shit. But if I'm on a fancy dinner date with the wife then a smile and nod on your way to your table would suffice." Makes sense.

Edit: It was Drew Carey.

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Fatty Mcgee from Adam Sandler's They're All Gonna Laugh at You? Holy fucking shit I got that CD in my free bunch from BMG music as a kid and just found out Tim Meadows was on that. Damn that's awesome.

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He wasn't talking about medical and the federal government has already taken up the issue so you gave a non answer. Way to dodge an easy question.

"What is wrong with preferring a joint over a beer after work" I think was his question.

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Let's all fuck off up the model village!