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Offer them some weed

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But... We must aquit

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We sold Pepsi

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God I can't even reach Eeloo, how the fuck am I going to make it across lightyears?

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I can tell you that crazy bread is literally just the dough from the crust that's rolled up, basted in a load of garlic butter and pounded with Parmesan. That's all there is so you can probably make your own. I can tell you that it often is not cooked the right amount of time because the window of time to pull them out of the oven is short and varying. When it is put on the conveyor the position in the oven matters a great deal, the bottom belt is much hotter as well as the middle. Also when the store gets busy some disgruntled make-line employees will ignore these warnings and either throw them in too far, or put them on the bottom resulting in large amounts of both over and under done breadsticks.