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Do you still own the jacket from the Headed For The Future music video and how can I obtain it from you?

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So you're saying there's a chance...

You are a legend good sir. Thank you for your kind words.

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Mr. Diamond,

I wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I was curious if you could discuss when you were considered to play Travis Bickle and Superman and have you considered any other roles that we may not know about?

My mom, Joy has been a dedicated fan of yours since the beginning arguing with her sister over the record player to listen to your songs.

Every since I was born you can say I've been a fan. Every one of your songs have impacted me in one way or another and words can't explain some of the situations they have gotten me through... Good times and bad.

One thing I wanted to say to you was The Jazz Singer was played on our VCR at least once a week and every time I was sick I would watch it to feel better. Also you had a concert special on TV when I was a kid wearing one of those EPIC shirts. She made me one and I wore it in the living room and would sing into the TV set with a microphone thinking I was singing back to you when we would watch it over and over again as well.

Through all the years I've gone from cassettes to CDs to Digital content for your entire library of songs. Ever since you previewed the 12 Songs I have been in a little trouble with my mom though! I joked around and changed one of the titles to "Joy In My Life" and she freaked out thinking it would be perfect. It was an innocent joke but she was heartbroken when I told her it wasn't real.

If you could ever help a guy out and get me off the hook in some way I would have to name my first son after you or something that amazing to make it up to you. I just wanted to end this by saying "I WANT MORE BOOM BOOM BOOM"

Thank you good sir, my childhood wouldn't have been the same without you.

(Jazz Singer Credits Pose)

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How many ounces was the Jumbo Coke you drank in the movie Bushwacked?

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If you could experience any event in the past, present, or future... What would it be and how would it make you feel?