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Hell yeah Father John Misty!

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The space between? Dave, is your alter ego Dave Matthews?

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Hey guys thanks for doing this AMA!

First off, I just want to say thank you for going out and getting people to sign up to vote during the last election. I had the pleasure of seeing you perform in Cincinnati and them meeting you all at Xavier the next day. You were doing good work.

Second, I'm a St. Xavier High School graduate. Matt, when I found out that you went to my alma mater, I was estatic! But the only time I've ever heard you speak about it, you said that you didn't exactly enjoy your experience there. Can you explain that a little further please? I know that St. X kids that listen to the National take pride in the fact that you went there.

Thanks again!

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Ken! I love your wit and humor on Twitter. Thanks for that.

If you were to choose one other game show to be on other than Jeopardy!, what would it be? (I think you'd be killer at Supermarket Sweep if that were still on)

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This is a great attitude to have. Thank you!