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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, you are the kind of personality that makes AMA's great to read and from your responses to fans that you met (I'm a new fan and am learning a lot about you as I read) it seems like you genuinely care which makes this whole thread that much more amazing!

My question is, as a white comfortably middle class jewish guy that looks exactly how you would expect someone with that description to look (I'm a self depricating jew myself so I absolutely love your look and vibe) , do you ever worry about being accused of cultural appropriation or not taking an art form that has been used to express civil unrest and incite change seriously? This has happened to several artists as the rap genre expands (not that this is an exclusive problem with rap, it's just rap is a new enough genre that it is still actively used by the socio-economically oppressed whereas many of the other genres created in similar situations have been around long enough for it to be less controversial) and each artists has handled it differently, so I'm curious if you've thought about how to handle it if the situation does arise where you get called out for "not knowing the history of rap" or making a joke out of an art form that is used to take on serious issues for the under privileged. (I doubt any of this would actually happen since you seem to be genuinely yourself in your songs and aren't trying to create this image of a thug, but you never know in this day and age)