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There are a lot of students at Gallaudet that do have some residual hearing, so it is common to see “deaf” students wearing headphones at Gallaudet. There’s also many foreign students that are coming from another sign language. Not being incredibly fluent isn’t a dead giveaway at gallaudet and most people don’t ask you. It only comes if they ask about your major or just plainly ask if you’re deaf.

I have a bunch of friends at gally and ive stayed on campus several times with them. Everyone just thought I’m deaf until the topic of my major was brought up. (interpreter)

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I’ve also asked deaf people at gally about this and it’s considered rude to ask someone about their hearing/deaf status because it comes off insulting - especially to foreign students and people with CI that were recently exposed to ASL for the first time.

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NTID is a technical school while Gally is a LA school. Very different atmosphere too.

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What’s better, last row in lowers, or WC in uppers?

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Have any extra tickets in the press box? :)