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I don't even have to watch the video, I've got that sound burried in my mind forever because of how many times I've seen it.

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Have you ever wanted to do full-blown voice acting instead of just voiceovers for things you won't get recognized by? Or do you enjoy just having the smaller roles?

Has anyone recognized your voice before? Anyone told you that you should pursue VO/VA and not know that you already do?

Were there any VO/VA jobs that you found difficult, for one reason or another?

What's your favorite job been?

I'm sure you'll hear this a million times today but I'd love to get into VO/VA--not asking you for advice, but rather I'd like to tell you that I really respect what you do! Thanks for the AMA! :)

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That's interesting. As someone who primarly reddits at work, I use it as more of a buffer than a distraction. 3rd shift with not a lot to do = more free time than you realize. Reddit has helped me through too many long nights of work to even count.

Also, if you're determined enough, many everyday office items can be used to avoid doing work.

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It makes it even better that the girl she overbid by a dollar is next to you like YEAH SHOW THAT BITCH

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My old boss loves them... Any time he'd go to Olive Garden he'd take a load of them home.

One day he brought some into work and popped the breadsticks into the microwave.... still in the little bag that you guys put them in. He didn't realize that there was some aluminum-type stuff inside.

Bag caught on fire, he yanked it from the microwave and beat the bag on the wall to put it out. No idea why he didn't use the sink that was right next to him, but it was pretty funny because he left a scorch mark on the wall. Pretty sure it's still there.

No breadsticks for him that night :(