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Is there any plan to install more of you in other cities?

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As a sailor myself (albeit a VERY different kind) my question is more about the technical aspects than the logistical or emotional. What provides the ship's electrical power? I'm guessing a diesel generator of some kind? Hypothetically, were the diesel to fail or run out of fuel, how long could you continue to perform the ship's mission? Also, is there any surplus power? I can imagine being able to patch the ship into a damaged power grid to bring existing shore facilities back online being a huge boon in disaster relief.

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That makes sense. It does seem like something that could help. One time Canadian Pacific intentionally derailed a locomotive, drove it down the street under its own power, and used it to power the town hall and hospital in a town in Quebec during an ice storm. One time we needed a 210V connection to run a mobile lumber mill, so we tied up my ship- a 91 year old pilot schooner- at the dock nearby and ran a cable from the engine room to use our generator.

Besides the obvious added concerns (including the fact that they came with a viable propulsion system), it'd almost make sense to power the MERCY class with a naval nuclear reactor. I read somewhere that the Russians actually have a class of barge that serve as mobile nuclear power stations.

Are there any of the class of supertanker they used still in service unmodified?

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All I could find is that four were built. I'm assuming they were all Jones Act ships, otherwise they'd probably have been built overseas.

From these photos, it looks like she has a new navigational bridge up forward, while still maintaining much of the original superstructure aft. Is that correct?

I think the last question I have, if there weren't any deep enough berths, how would you transfer people to and from shore? I'm guessing you don't carry a fleet of landing craft, although the lifeboats I see in the picture could likely do pretty well.

Thanks for all your answers! I've always admired these ships, sometimes in person, but never really took the time to get to know them.

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"Go wibble." I think I have a new favorite phrase.