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I love your work and I love the passion that goes into it. I'm looking forward to playing the new expansion.

I want to ask a sensitive question, but I want to be clear I am not suggesting any ill intent or bias by Paradox.

  1. Any one who spends time in your community knows there is a small fringe of the far right in your fan base. What is Paradox doing to make these people feel unwelcome?
  2. On a related note. Hearts of Iron obviously does not depict Axis atrocities. This is both a morally justifiable decision, and in many countries a legally justifiable one. However, it does show events like The Great Purge, the Bengal Famine, and the flooding of the Yellow River dykes. Right now, the Allies are depicted as killing more civilians than the Axis. Again, it's obviously not intentional. But the implications are unfortunate. Apart from legal constraints, how does the team decide how to portray such sensitive subject matter?

Thanks for the great content. I know that those questions are about unpleasant stuff, but I'm asking them honestly.