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If you live in a state that has ANTI-SLAPP laws, you can actually get money from them.

IANAL my guess is that their argument is baseless. Using ANY browser changes the presentation of the site. It wasn't even that intimidating outside of the fact that they said "legal team".

A way to mess with them would be to tell them, "Sure I will take it down. But you should know that the code is open sourced using the GPL 3.0 license (or whatever you decide) so enjoy sending these e-mails to literally everyone that uses it."

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You didn't miss much. I got my ass handed to me for stating the title incorrectly.

FWIW, it's kind of funny that my ignorance has come full-circle and become a reddit thing. :-)

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The reality of politics is that doing that would be political suicide. /r/HernickForCongress chance of overthrowing the heavily democratic district of VA-08 is small enough to begin with. He's not going to win many people over by trash-talking the party's pick.

That being said, riding the fence of, "I don't agree with his view points" is probably the best he can do for now.

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I think that's the rub. Someone already paid taxes on it. The state is essentially trying to tax something twice: once by the person who paid for the car and once again by the person who received it as a gift.

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So when you're not working/relaxing, what are you doing? I'd like to imagine a tough-guy looking guy like you tending to tomato gardens and trying to figure out why the pH in the soil is so high.