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/u/renaudbedard: What's the future for Polytron, post-Phil? There hits a point where there are no more platforms to port FEZ onto

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Any plans for Linux yet? A lot of Chrome's usefulness for me is the shared history, plugins, etc, between all my computers, running lots of different OSes.

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Your recent interviews on adventure games have been conspicuously silent on the topic of Telltale Games' recent point & click games. They seem to be getting enough funding to do plenty of "classic" pointy clicky games, and have included features you've been wondering about (e.g. the optional hint levels built into their more recent titles). Is there a reason you've not mentioned their output?

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It's fairly well documented that your Painkiller review caused a terrifying jump in sales. Do you have any idea what other kinds of effects you've had on how well a game has sold? Reckon a bad review has helped stop sales?

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So Phil is still involved with Polytron? I know it's his baby, but I'd sorta assumed when he dumped the industry due to asshole saturation, that would have meant dropping Polytron too.