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From watching various episodes of various Star Trek series, it is clear many actors playing Klingons had no idea how to properly speak tlhIngan Hol (Klingon). Were you or any of the main cast given lessons by Okrand or others on how to speak the language, or was it entirely self-taught?

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Didn't you get two different degrees from two different universities at the same time? I recall reading something about that in the past. How did that work out?

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I started playing the Ultima games just after Underworld Ascendant got announced, and they have consumed my life since then, as I slowly work my way through them. I will probably be contacting you in the coming months to report my feat. In the meantime, thank you for creating a world that is starting to feel like a second home. Although I wish you could have created a world that didn't have Iolo. Thieving unrepentant bard.

Until then, are you as excited for Underworld Ascendant as I am?