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Commonly called "gutter punks" here in my area on the West Coast U.S.. They are basically a blend of a punk/anarchist, a free-spirited hippie, and a homeless vagabond. The majority of them are actually kids from well-off families who choose to follow that lifestyle for awhile before they eventually decide to go back to mommy & daddy. Here's an old Portlandia bit about them.

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Did you win it using the power glove? Wait, you don't need to answer that. I know you did.

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How do you feel about using modern music in trailers? I personally hate it when a trailer sticks in some pop, rock, or rap song instead of a thematic orchestral tune. To me, it takes away the splendor of a trailer except for the few times when it is appropriate - usually when the content has a modern anarchist vibe. The trailer for the new Ikoria MTG expansion is an example - everyone hates it because the music choice does not match the theme of the content.

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What's it like to share the name of a much more famous man?