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It doesn't. She has zero background in health care or health care research is my guess, based on reading her comments here. It's a for profit venture designed to funnel money into her pocket with no actual proof or way of proving this helps anything she claims.

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Group therapy is like a doctor crowd sourcing cancer treatment to a group of strangers. Lazy, ineffective, and probably harmful. 'Mental illness is totally real, and you can talk your way out if it, just like any other totally real illness!'

Fuck right off with that.

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What about the tribes women?

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What is your background/qualification in health care research? What research methodologies do you use?

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What you are doing is wrong. Stop trying to profit from women by essentially faking you have any qualifications to do so. I vehemently oppose you getting any funding at all.\

There's nothing wrong with hustling a business. There's plenty wrong with billing it as something that is designed to help women rather than line your pockets. You repeatedly make claims you clearly have little understanding of. You have no credibility as a health care researcher yet you are comfortable making claims as though you do.

'Buying things for women from MY website saves women's lives' fuck right off. As an actual health care professional -- I'd lose my license in a moment if I was making the types of claims you are to line my pocket.