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Sell all your possessions for a rock but keep the welcome mat.

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No. I had one lock themselves in a room and not want to come out though. I had to kick down the door and go in with my gun pulled to get them outta there. Kinda scary tbh but they are mostly harmless.

Edit: just want to clear up that I did not have my gun out and pointing.. It was holstered.. In retrospect it was a mistake to break in the door I should have called the police but this is why I'm out of the biz. My apologies on the poor use of terminology.. I was not in the habit of pointing guns at people and sorry if I made that impression.

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Contact a realtor that is familiar with Detroit and find one that is available for a dollar. There are plenty out there. Lots of caviats though.

You will likely have about 1500 in closing costs (the title company and all those involved with the closing still have to get paid), potentially have to pay back taxes and a water bill, and have huge costs getting it up to code.

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I would say the worst is a place that came in a package deal. It was bought by an investor with about 12 other homes for around 40k. When I went upstairs into the attic bedroom there was a space heater running, like 6 buckets of rotten fried chicken, and a piss/shit bucket.. I puked from the smell and ran out.

The sad part is someone had been recently sleeping in there.. You could tell it was hours ago probably.

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10 - 15k for a normal person. Most of the investors that do this do a lot of the work themselves or hire reallly cheap labor to get it done for much less though.

It varies, you get diamonds in the rough sometimes that just need carpet, paint, plumbing.