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Actually, I disagree. Fred Rogers took children very seriously, which included respecting them. /u/YayTheRedHead's teacher did not respect her.

This. Moreover, that respect came through honesty and treating them as adults people without being patronising. This was entirely the motivation for him to cover really really tough issues like death and divorce in a really sensitive, frank, and respectful manner.

I think the teacher's behaviour was more out of saving her own face in front of the Reading Rainbow crew, hiding behind her student's pride to excuse herself from her selfish attitude.

It is nuanced adult behaviour like this that Mr. Rogers was exceedingly good at addressing through the Land of Make Believe and its hand puppet inhabitants. Surely this is a perfect skit for Lady Elaine Fairchilde as the self-preserving adult acting to hurt others...

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As a corollary, will you be updating the Music Cover for the larger Surface Pro 3 format or is the spine still compatible with the existing line of Touch and TypeCovers (and PowerCover)?

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Hello, /u/SurfaceTeam!

I've been waiting for a Microsoft official offering like Surface since I was in high school using my HP IPAQ h2215 PocketPC in the early 00ies and was heartbroken with how Project Origami/UMPC fell flat on its face and termination of the Courier Project. That said:

  • How many people on the current Surface Team have worked previously on Origami and Courier?

  • What use cases that were never fully realised with Origami/UMPC and Courier but are now possible with Surface are your favourites to showcase today?

  • Would you consider a long-format commercial as a remake of your original Project Origami video that went viral with Surface and a few future features you'd like to see in the Surface line (e.g. the Office team's envisioning videos)?

Thank you in advance! I look forward to great things from this team.

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Here's why it sucks [PDF]. I did this one day on the 66 when I got really angry after feeling duped into thinking the 66 was improved after last summer.

The top 11 routes were 'improved' in the Key Bus Routes program, which current MBTA GM hailed as the 'Marshall Plan of buses for Boston'. Its only similarity is that it used $10 mil in ARRA money.

Comparatively few stops were removed and many still remain a 5 minute or less walk from each other. The quantity of buses running the route do play a factor in the frequency, but not nearly as much as the delays caused by the high volume of passengers it takes - not bad, inevitable, you can work around that - and the delays caused by traffic lights and sheer volume of bus stops.