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Best game overall? Best game to win tickets on?

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After this started getting popular I went to try to buy the Domain name PotatoSalad.com in hopes of creating a neat website with/for you in my spare time, and document this historic event. They told me the current price PotatoSalad.com was 40k. My dreams were shattered.

My question is, what's next?

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What is your day to day life like outside of being on TV. What is your favorite car that you own (or have owned) What is your favorite restaurant? What is your favorite Movie? Did you ever have a time when you hated going to work? At what point did you stop getting nervous before interviews? Were you every nervous?

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Exactly how many times has your book/site gotten you laid?

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Second question, approximately how much beef jerky do you consume on average between posts?