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a gentle slap on the wrist.

I respect your optimism that there will be consequences.

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That's a lot for somebody to watch.

For everyone else, a summary of all of the episodes might be easier.

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The statements I have seen on this basically say they will allow "only blocking illegal content".

How that is really applied seems a huge factor. Are all torrents illegal? All large encrypted downloads? Links to content whatever political group in office disagrees with this week? Can all traffic be monitored for questionable content without legal process?

I know the excuse is, as always, child protection or drugs, but really how is this going to keep this from being an option to censor with impunity?

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I voted for Nader while living in Florida in the 2000 election. My first presidential vote and Incredibly naive.

Amusingly, Sanders being upset with Nader for splitting the vote is how I was first introduced to him. And why Sanders ran as a Democrat instead of running as an independent.

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For what it's worth, I loved Trine 3. If it were 2-3x larger it would have been perfect. The physics puzzles and mechanics were great.

I hope that your upcoming work won't be shying away from the core concepts in the Trine series, such as smooth co-op and fantastic artwork.

What changes do you plan to make from the lessons learned in Trine 3s development, and what kind of game are you aiming for next?