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Recently you popularity has gone up, and "people on the internet" seem to like you more than they did 5 years ago. Do you think this change has come from you changing your style or just people warming up to you?

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How well do you expect Looper to do at the box office?

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In the last year, Community and Parks & Rec have arguably become the most critically acclaimed sitcoms on the air. Both shows get lots of love from the AV Club, Alan Sepinwall, etc. However, so far award shows have not given you as much love. Why do you think this is?

I think that Sepinwall and Todd VDW are probably smarter than the people who vote on those awards. However, I know that if you won the Best Comedy Emmy you would be ecstatic. What do you think are the chances of being nominated in the fall?

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You should watch Terriers. It's the best one season show since Firefly.

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No problem, it's awesome that you've answered so many questions!

And for future reference, there is an edit button near the top of the page. People who do AMAs often use that to say if they're taking a break.