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digganickrick175 karma

Oorah, Gunny.. former Marine here myself, was with 1st Bn 8th Marines 2009-2013.

What was your MOS when you were in Vietnam? Did you ever lat move, or hold any B Billets while you were in? During your time in service, what notable differences did you see between the "old breed" and the "new breed"? Say, comparing the recruits when you went through Recruit Training and comparing the new boots hitting the fleet when you were a gunny.

Semper Fi.

digganickrick15 karma

Being former military myself, I've read and been told a lot of stories about the Bataan death march. Is it true you would walk in groups of 3, with the outside two supporting the innermost person so they could secretly sleep, and then rotate to let another person get rest? How did you stay strong mentally, not knowing how far you were walking, or knowing when / if it would end?

Words cannot express my gratitude for your service. Young men like me joined the Marine Corps because of men like you, from the stories passed down. Semper Fi from a young vet, to the old breed.