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How long would we last without sewage workers after an apocalyptic event? For example if Walking Dead was real...how long would it take the systems to stop working?

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I'm a commercial interior designer and I might be working on a new tower/base building project soon. The last one we did we tried to make the design energetic and fun where we could. I'm curious if you have any suggestions for how I can make the building more comfortable for y'all?

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Hah, the last one I worked on was LEED certified so no asbestos there. I'm trying to make buildings safer/healthier as much as I can!! :)

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Not sure if you're still answering but I've always wanted to ask a writer about how they plan out their plots, character development, scenery etc. I'm an interior designer and in our field we do a lot of diagramming, mood boards, sketching. All tools we use to pull an idea from its murky beginnings in the ether and shape it into something that can be built in our world.

Do you use any type of diagrams? For example do you storyboard the actions of your characters in some way to be sure that you remember their body positions? How much planning is done in advance vs. just writing and seeing where it flows?

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thanks for answering!! I love to hear about other people's creative process. :)