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That's a hard one. I have definitely said, "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask."

I think if you haven't been through that level of trauma, it's hard to know yourself what would be actually helpful.

Would you mind sharing some of the things helpful people did that where actually helpful?

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Do you find creating phone apps rewarding (fun) excluding the financial boon, or was it a means to an end for you?

When you first started were you ever worried that your efforts would be fruitless, or did you feel you had reason to believe this would be the most beneficial way to spend your time?

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do you believe that vaccinations cause altruism?

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Has being without power changed any of your personal habits for the better or had any positive 'silver linings'?

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Are you here from the Al gore, John mcain timeline as well? Man that was crazy when I was snapped to this side.