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nah don't worry about that, you had a successful career for over 8 years, if you start college/learning now you'll be fine. There really is no "age limit" for valid experience..Tons of 29 year olds don't have any valid job experience. Also the jobs you mentioned don't even require a college degree. Marketing is questionable, but what really matters is if you can achieve something. Not the degree you hold. I'm a 29 year old entrepreneur aiming to get in the tech industry, but more through the marketing side than the tech side.

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The cost would outweigh the benefit for other countries. Foreign powers would most likely keep to themselves out of fear of making things worse for the world. People/countries are afraid of shaking things up too much. China is too powerful and has done too little wrong even if they were to massacre 50% of Hong Kong's population.

Perhaps the only reason China isn't going "full force" is because they don't want to lose Hong Kong to a type of guerrilla warfare situation against the protestors.

Ideally China wants to slowly absorb Hong Kong, and being forceful would work against their interests. They're probably trying to think of a way quietly get rid of instigators/leaders. Then will wait out till the protesting dies out. Then they will again work to slowly ease their way into absorbing Hong Kong again.

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Do other countries have the same issues with pet food ingredients as USA does?

Like I’m wondering if there is a “best country” to raise your pet in. If maybe there is something other countries do right that USA does wrong that could be fixed somehow.

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It's an easy way to make money, that's why they scam. Of course they could make money by doing some hard work, but it'd be hard, and it might make half as much if lucky.

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I've been reading a lot of stories that deal with chemistry lately which got me thinking of elements and chemical reactions. Anyways, I was looking into the creation of new elements, and it seems like all of them are trying to be created by colliding them in a particle accelerator then trying to detect them before they disappear.

I do realize that's how things are normally done, and it has worked in the past. But I was wondering if a different process could come up with a desired result. That instead of super accelerating molecules if it was possible to super cool molecules to near absolute zero temperatures, and have them "combine" in that way to form a new element?